Photo-A-Day 2016


In the last 2 weeks of 2016 a challange was set forth to a group of friends. The premise was simple enough. 14 friends, all of which were embarking on a significant year in their lives. Would begin catalouge their journey through a photo (or some other medium) of their choosing.

The main aim was to help them all keep in touch and have perspective on each others lives as the events of the year ahead unfolded in a fun and different way. The year that for each of them held promises of graduations, mrriages, new jobs, new places and a pleathora of other life events.

The challenge came in 2 flavours:

  1. a photo (or equivelant) a day.
  2. a photo (or equivelant) a week.

Not everyone challanged is big on photography so some days it might be a drawing or something like that (hence the equivalent section) or others may choose to use other mediums (such as drawing or poetry).

This site exists as a stepping off point to provide a central resource for us to refer back to. Allowing us to dip in and out of each others lives easily so that we can keep up to date even when life is getting too busy for us to be able to have a chat.